Visits into Nature – Private tours

Book an exclusive visit with AlfacinhaLX, an experience that brings together heritage and nature, made in partnership with Hearts into Nature. During 3 hours of an incredible walk over the Park and National Palace of Pena!it´s a private visit outside where you can enjoy
The Park is a unique project from the romanticism of the 19th century, especially created by King Ferdinand II, to make us dream. The whole garden looks like an enchanted forest and has the purpose of awakening the senses, emotions and imagination. We got to know the stories about exotic plants and secular trees, from all corners of the world, from the magnificent redwoods from California to the tree ferns from Australia and New Zealand!
Along the walk in the Park the imposing presence of the National Palace completes this unique project, recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO. The Palace is charming and takes us back to the various periods of the history of Portugal, with an architecture that combines Moorish, Gothic and Manueline influences.
The price of the tour includes tickets and depends on the number of people in the group, being said that the groups are always private. The price per participant is 80€ for groups of 2 people (VAT included).
The meeting point in Sintra is arranged at the time of booking and it’s also possible to hire a private transport for an extra budget.

This tour was like taking a trip to distant landscapes, where romanticism embraces us in corners, paths and viewpoints full of magic and charm.  Will be wonderful experience that we strongly recommend to everyone who wishes to get to know Sintra!
Pena Park and Palace photo by Filipa Heitor
Pena Park Photo by Filipa Heitor
Price range: Since 80€ per pax
Duration: 3h