Porto Private Tour

Porto is a city full of charisma, it is considered one of the best destinations in Europe, and there are several reasons for this distinction. People, culture, heritage, gastronomy, wine, the Douro river strength, the Ribeira personality made of hidden alleyways where you can also listen to Fado the music with portuguese soul.
The grape harvest is the authentic party in the Douro region – the first demarcated region of the world. The terracing of the land creates a unique landscape, that geography marks the hardness of the work in the harvest and generates one unique relationship between labor and the production of wine, be it Vinho do Porto or table wine. To be part of this experience is to grow as a person, it goes beyond of just seeing a place and remember in the map where it was, it is much more than that, it’s to be able to share experience and life.

Douro – Photo by Miguel Ribeiro Fernandes
Porto and Douro river
Price range: Price under consultation
Duration: Full Day