We Know Lisbon by Heart

Alfacinhas is the name given to those born in Lisbon and know the city like the back of their hand. AlfacinhaLX shows the secrets of Lisbon  the charm and uniqueness of this city made of layers of history. Our away it´s the cultural tourism, sustainability and slow tourism. We design and create authentic, genuine and true experiences for your visit in Portugal. The Alfacinha LX promotes the local commerce, culture, lifestyle. Lisbon, the capital of Portugal is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city where each street, each neighbourhood tells a piece of its history. A city with soul, Lisbon combines the charm of alleys and sidewalks of traditional neighbourhoods like Alfama and Bairro Alto, with hectic avenues and the new urbanity of the Expo area and Parque das Nações. The only capital in europe where the sun sets on the sea, Lisbon is a city of contrasts where past and modernity coexist in the banks of the Tejo River. Facing the ocean from the lazy ripple of its seven hills, Lisbon looks to the horizon like someone expecting a boat. Maybe the city is waiting for a group of visitors eager to unravel some of its secrets.